Jennifer Behm

My name is Jenifer Behm and also I am american trendspotter.

Jennifer Behm Farmer

Extra regarding me, my life and job surround a farming way of living. I am a graduate of Texas Technology College and have much previous experience dealing with livestock and farming. Extra specifically, I am a faculty member of Agricultural Services and also Natural Resources, and I live in the countryside, directly growing and also having a tendency to chicken for my very own family.

My previous education has provided me the capability to better the kind of lifestyle that I give my poultries, and also I additionally utilize the experience I have actually obtained from operate in order to find a lot more efficient methods to raise the income and performance of the chickens that I contend house.

The job that I make with chicken farming aids to supply my family with the most natural as well as delicious items.

Jennifer – farmer

Jennifer Behm 4275 E Farmers Ave Amarillo, Texas 79118

+1 806-599-4390